Song Of The Day – “Put Cha D* I* H* M*” (Chopped and Screwed)

If we all know anything about Three 6 Mafia, we all know that one of the main topics of their songs is getting “slobbed”. I mean from the beginning of the groups roots this was a main theme. And of course we all know “Slob On My Knob”. But one of the lesser known (and maybe the best) dome songs from Three 6 Mafia came out in 2003 on the Da Unbreakables album, and that song is straight up titled “Put Cha Dick In Her Mouth”. I know, raw af.

The song features a crazy catchy hook and verses by Juicy J, Lord Infamous and DJ Paul. The OG version of this song was good enough, but later down the road Swisha House chopped and slowed this mf up and brought brand new life into an already dope track. When it comes to screwed versions of songs vs originals, it usually isn’t a drastic difference, but with this song idk why but the chopped version is astoundingly better than it’s predecessor. The beat of it is so intricate that it’s hard to appreciate it at full speed, so slowing it down and being able to catch all of the little details is mind opening. Let’s break down why this is our song of the day and take a look at what makes this a banger.

Best Verse: Juicy J started and Juicy J ran it. This was probably one of his strongest verses on Da Unbreakables. Especially once the beat starts that infamous “Juicy J stomp” in the background around the middle of the verse.

Best Bar: “I’ma end my verse, I’ma tell you nice and simple. She’ll s*** yo d*** til it’s sharp like a pencil” – Juicy J (again). Ended his verse with a strong statement. One of my most favorite lines from him ever. One that was funny but still hard af (no pun intended)

Beat: I’m not sure what the sample is in this song but it really stands out in this chopped and screwed version. Good baseline, not too complicated, just all around good production.

Check out the song below and let us know what your favorite parts are. Share this in the Facebook group, drop comments, and continue to enjoy this classic!

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