Memphis Grizzlies x Three 6 Mafia Jersey – IDK shit about basketball but I need one

As the title of the post says, I really don’t know a damn thing about basketball. I don’t know when the season starts. I don’t know when the season ends. I do know who Lebron James and Stephen Curry are though but that’s about it.

But maybe a couple of months ago I caught myself picking up an interest in the sport during the NBA finals, when the Memphis Grizzlies were in the mix. I was watching Sports Center (or whatever show it was) and out of nowhere I heard Juicy J’s voice. I know Juicy J’s voice from a mile away, but still I thought I was tripping mane. Because why the hell would Juicy J be on ESPN right now in the middle of the NBA finals?

So I turned around to look at the TV and come to find out it really was Juicy J, sitting in the back of an SUV doing an interview talking about how the Memphis Grizzlies have came along in the NBA finals. And like I said, I don’t know shit about basketball but at this moment I became the most engaged NBA spectator in America because my dawg Juice Mane got something to say about it.

Yeah, this was crazy af to me but it actually happened 😂

It seems like the Mafia members have really been getting into the Tennessee sports game lately, I mean didn’t they just produce the hype song for the Titans? I’ll save that for another post, but for now I want to talk about these Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys because these mfs are 🔥

Juicy J just posted some of the apparel on his Instagram not too long ago and like I said, idk shit about basketball but I’d buy these.

As you can see, the Jersey features the Grizzly bears as members of Three 6 Mafia. This is like the ultimate fan gear. You can order these from the Bleacher Reports website but some of the merch is currently sold out.

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