Killer Mike x DJ Paul – The KOM shares new music paying homage to Lord Infamous

DJ Paul just shared a snipped of a new song that he’s been working on with Killer Mike on Instagram. Off the rip, this beat sounds like a mf banger.

As an old school Three Six Mafia fan, anytime I hear that “get buck” in the background my heart tingles a little bit. Other than that anytime that I hear any reference to Lord Infamous in today’s music, my heart tingles a little bit.

We can hear Killer Mike starting off a verse with “Rest in peace to Lord Infamous, bitch!” and that’s enough for any of us to know that this song is about to be fire. There is also a reference to Pimp C, whom also is another rapper who is not alive today but holds a special place in our hearts.

At the moment, we aren’t sure what the title of this song is or if/when it is released but will be sure to keep you all posted!

Until next time, Mafia Family 🤘🏾

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